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Judit’s belief system

Judit belongs to the next generation of expert physical trainers. With a rigorous academic background she allows science and research to lead her decisions to help you achieve your goals whether it is more tone, strength, staying healthy during pregnancy, flexibility, core strength or simply just moving without pain. Everyone has a niggle or a twinge - some can be easily fixed with some stretching and deactivation-activation techniques some are however more persistent. One thing is common in them, that they restrict your potentials.

Therefore, Judit's objective is to find solutions for these niggles and make it possible for everyone to exercise to their optimum level whether they only exercising for the first time or they are looking to beat their lifetime personal bests. Her secret lies in her attention to details. She knows too well that working out in the gym or just working out in itself is frightening for some, yet alone if they haven’t done it before and they have a go at it at the very first time. Therefore she will assess ability levels at the very beginning, so she can start everyone off at the right level of exercise.

About Judit

Driven to understand the science and the physiology behind bodily functions, human movement, systematic changes during pregnancy and sport/workplace related injuries, Judit achieved two Masters Degrees in Molecular Biology and Strength & Conditioning Sciences. She added a rare Rehab Trainer Specialist qualification to her list of skill sets that is still unique in the fitness industry. She has great interest coaching mum-to-bes / new mums fresh working in conjunction with physiotherapists if necessary.


Judit has been training clients in the UK for the past ten years. She is greatly distinguished from other trainers because she educates clients in the art of training, lifestyle and science of nutrition which makes her clients achieve amazing transformations at personal, mental and physical levels. ‘I love inspiring people, it makes me extremely happy when clients with previously unachievable goals reach those goals and even surpass them. My job is extremely rewarding and fulfilling’.


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  • Modern Pregnancy Functional Exercise Programming & Birth Preparation Burrell Education

Pre- and Post-natal Training Fit to Deliver 

MSc Strength & Conditioning Middlesex University

Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)

Rehab Trainer Specialist (Rehab Trainer, Australia)

Corrective Exercise (NASM-part of MSc)

Paul Chek Holistic Lifestyle Coach  L1

Applied Nutrition Future Fit Training

Advanced Level 3, REPS accredited Personal Trainer  Future Fit Training

MSc Biologist University of Szeged


Battersea Reach I Wandsworth I SW18 1TX I Gym & Tonic (residence only)

Crowne Plaza I Bridges Wharf I Battersea I London I SW11 3BE I Sat nav 3RP

Local Motion Studios Lld. | 52 Garratt Lane | Wandsworth | London | SW18 4FT

+44 (0)7946612407