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Personal Training

With Judit Ressinka

More and more people are looking to make a change in their lifestyle. They look for a personal trainer because they need help with their challenging goals.

Some are trying to push their already excellent fitness further, but many clients are people who yearn for a happier, healthier life, not least a better work-life balance and happier relationships. Stress, lack of – or poor quality – sleep, bad diet, lack of exercise, difficulty exercising are common problems. Judit’s tailor-made packages are designed to target these problem areas as well and to encourage her clients to ‘stick with it’. Judit knows it is important to set realistic, attainable goals that don’t set clients up for failure or further stress.

Judit puts great emphasis on coaching clients into better postures and movement habits. Postural imbalances may cause stiffness and/or pain, which we accept as normal part of the ageing process or as an unavoidable side effect of pregnancy. Any length of time we spend in one position, for example, at a desk, using a computer, or driving a vehicle, holding a baby can exacerbate these aches and pains. Judit have pioneered a new approach of Functional and Corrective Training to alleviating these issues by addressing the root causes rather than just giving relief from the symptoms.

Judit clients will benefit from Food Intolerance Testing and Dietary Advice. Dietary advice is given based on individual macronutrient needs, ideal blood sugar level management and Food Intolerance Tests. All Food Intolerance Tests come with a nutrition consultation that is available to everybody to enable optimal weight loss, stop inflammations occurring in the body, and optimize client's energy levels. It can be attained independently from the training packages. She found that eating non-inflammatory, non-invasive food freed her clients from Yo-yo dieting. "My job in nutrition management has became so much easier since using these Lorisian tests, as they are specific and reliable, now I can rest assured that I'm giving the correct dietary advice".

Her devotion is evident as she is an international writer and columnist for a scientific magazine, Recreation, where she discusses injury prevention and rehabilitation through movement screening and corrective exercises with health & fitness professionals and fitness enthusiasts alike. Her long-term mission is not to be underestimated; she aims to touch more and more people with the message of a healthier and fitter life. Judit's plan is to reach out to 100,000 people all over the UK and her native country, Hungary by 2020.

Her motto: 'Only a well-nourished, well-aligned body will perform optimally!'


 “I had been training with Judit on a weekly basis for several years before I became pregnant with my first child six years ago. Whilst I did find training more difficult during my pregnancy (he was huge!), Judit was able to adapt my exercises to suit both my increasing bulge and decreasing energy levels, so that I could keep up the weekly sessions until week 38. I found that exercising in a sensible and controlled fashion enabled me to stay fit and strong during pregnancy and I am sure that it reduced the length of time that it took me to return to my pre-pregnancy size/shape/fitness afterwards.

 I resumed my weekly training sessions with Judit when my son was 12 weeks old, and she was able to whip me back into shape swiftly and, more importantly, safely. I do think that Judit's deep knowledge of human anatomy and physiology enables her to adapt her exercise routines to suit ante-natal and post-natal women very well, and that made me feel confident about training with a massive bump, and afterwards with a mild prolapse and an enormous gap between my abdominal muscles.

 Judit kept me in shape again during my second pregnancy and enabled me to get my pre-pregnancy body back within six months of my second son being born. When my motivation and energy flagged Judit was always able to gee me up and get me going again. I would not hesitate to recommend Judit as an ante and post-natal trainer as she has a depth of knowledge, an interest in the subject and a degree of experience in this area, which is hard to rival.”

Bryony H-


With Laura Miles  

Laura’s interest in health and fitness started with her own successful weight-loss journey about 15 years ago; she got herself into better physical shape through adopting a healthy diet and taking up regular exercise. Once she was fitter, Laura went on to experiment with training for fun this time– tried different forms of exercise and worked out what worked best on the long run. To continue progress, she spent day and night reading about health and fitness, learning the theory behind the practice.


As her knowledge, experience and passion grew, she changed her career from recruiting Personal Trainers and managing them to actually being a Personal Trainer full time. This step was undoubtedly the best decision Laura has ever made. Being able to share her hard earned knowledge and experiences with others is what drives her every day. “Our bodies are capable of incredible things and it’s exciting to see changes being made, hurdles overcome and goals being achieved.”


Laura’s sessions are designed to be challenging but effective – heavily concentrating on correct technique and high levels of intensity in order to maximise results and minimise wasted time. She focuses on body weight training, metabolic conditioning, cardio conditioning and as a passionate runner, she is always keen to include running drills into a session.

With an Advanced Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training, she is also qualified in pre and post natal exercise, pad work, high intensity training (HIIT), suspension training and kettlebells along with providing nutritional guidance and advice for clients.


It is a blessed time in a woman’s life when she is pregnant. It is a highly rewarding task to help women exercise during the different stages of pregnancy. “While becoming a mum has its hardships, every women would like to feel gorgeous about themselves even during these times.” - says Laura. She feels passionate about helping women during pregnancy and encourages them to continue exercising throughout to energies the body, reduce muscular discomfort, aches, poor posture and improve circulation. Following birth she tailors exercise and nutrition to help their body get back to how it was before pregnancy.


 “I highly recommend Laura Miles to all mums. Before I started training with Laura I struggled to motivate myself to exercise. I was always "too tired" or "too stressed" or "too busy" which meant that I was in a spiral of eating the wrong food and getting more and more lethargic. Taking the first step to break the cycle was hard but it has paid off more than I could have imagined. Since I started the training sessions I have more energy than ever, feel confident in my ability to get through a tough session (and actually enjoy it!) and most importantly I feel like, for once, I'm taking care of myself rather than making excuses. Laura has helped me set achievable goals which I'm now well on my way to achieving.”



 “I recommend Laura Miles to Local Mums. When I began training with Laura last year I thought I was the kind of person who 'couldn't' do exercise. I was overweight, unhappy and had no energy. After a difficult time in my life I decided enough was enough and decided to do something about it. Laura was sensitive to my worries and really listened to what I wanted to achieve. She set me a programme, which was achievable for me but still pushed me. As my fitness improved and my confidence increased, Laura set me realistic goals and kept the training fun and challenging. Don't get me wrong she pushes you but in a good way! I have since lost three stone in weight and feel fantastic! She has taught me that what I eat is as important as what I do. I can’t thank her enough or recommend her more!”



 “How would I describe Laura: Challenging, fun and a good listener. Laura has been training me for nearly a year and always ensures each session is challenging, inventive and good fun. I am a mother of 2 young boys and Laura is always happy to work around my kids during holidays and is totally flexible with time and space. She’ll keep your goal in mind even if you don’t and I would have no hesitation in recommending her.”




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