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What do we do ? - combined strength, core and yoga exercises.

Gentle, informed expertise and guidance.

Whether you workout regularly or not, as long as you are having a normal pregnancy there is no reason why you can't exercise and follow an appropriate program for you. Having a trainer by your side offers not just professional expertise and moral support, but can give you the added reassurance and guidance that is required during and after pregnancy.

Careful and considered graduated exercise.

Following birth, it is of course vital that exercise is built up gradually to help ensure a safe and strong recovery. Having a sympathetic trainer who can help you with an informed and gentle training plan is a good idea. Certainly, in my mind, it is never a good idea to start back with abs –focused exercises such as crunches, planks and burpees – a common mistake that many new mums make.

Supported by Western medical research.

At last, more and more research is emerging about the benefits of exercise during pregnancy, with the result that Western medical institutions are actively encouraging expectant mums to incorporate physical activity into their daily lives.
To learn a little more for yourself, please have a look at the guidelines on exercising during pregnancy here from the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) and the UK body Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (RCOG).

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What do they recommend ?

According to ACOG guidelines, pregnant women should accumulate around 150 minutes of moderate exercise each week – divide this into bite size chunks of 30-minute workouts, five days a week. Similarly, recently revised UK guidelines now encourage 45-minute workouts for expectant mums – if it feels right for them and they remain well-hydrated and nourished.

What are the benefits of exercise during pregnancy ?

like Helps strengthen abdominal muscles – the so-called ‘baby pusher' muscles that are essential during birth.

  • like It’s safe and it's great for the health of your baby.

  • like Babies born to mums who exercise during their third trimester are both born leaner and with a healthier development.

  • like Helps manage and alleviate pregnancy-related musculoskeleatal issues, such as lower back pain.

  • like Positively affects mood and mental health.

  • like It reduces risk of preeclampsia (pregnancy induced high blood pressure).

  • like Prevents and helps to treat gestational diabetes.

  • like Helps to improve one's posture, alleviating particularly a 'pushed forward' head position and excessive curvature of the spine.

Advantages of cardio and strength exercise for birthing ?

like There exists a positive correlation between regular, moderate exercise and an easier labour.

like Exercising during pregnancy may result in less intervention required during birth.

Why exercise after birth ?

like To enjoy a quicker recovery following birth.

like To benefit a quicker return to your pre-pregnancy posture.

like Feel less anxious and depressed.

like Have more energy.

like Lose your pregnancy weight faster.

like Exercise tightens belly skin.

like Most importantly, a child’s health has been proven to be closely related to its mother's health

We are here to help

As part of our service to you, we offer a complimentary yet compulsory initial consultation that can be held at your home or at a studio-gym in Crowne Plaza Battersea. 
It is essential to assess your suitability for exercise before any exercise is undertaken. We will evaluate and consider your pregnancy posture, balance and any aches and pains you might have. We will also assess your abdominal muscles both during and after pregnancy. 

It is also an ideal opportunity for you to be given the chance to get know Judit or Laura a little bit better so that you are confident and comfortable with what we can offer you at this special time in your life. 

Ask us your questions

To book a consultation, chat to Judit and ask any questions you may have regarding exercise during pregnancy, please contact Judit.

 “Training with Judit during my pregnancy was invaluable. I trained until week 40 and did not suffer any pregnancy related aches, pains or excess weight gain, which I put down largely to Judit’s preparation and maintenance in our weekly sessions. This was a life saver as I had to stand most mornings on the train to work, but standing was not a problem. Judit was naturally one of the first people I told when I became pregnant and I was impressed at how she immediately adapted our training schedule and gave me sensible advice such as not overheating. Given Judit’s experience in training various pregnant women, I was confident that I could continue to train safely with her throughout my pregnancy. Our sessions also gave me the encouragement to continue to be active at other times. I would recommend training with Judit to any woman who is pregnant or who is planning to become pregnant.”

Sarah K-


Pre & Post Natal training