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Prices and Packages

Initial Consultations:

Initial Consultation: FREE 
* For hotel guests there is extra time added to their first training session when we discuss exercise and medical history and also do a functional movement screen to establish any muscular imbalances that can hinder progression.
* Best UK based laboratory diagnostic testing, with over 30 years of experience 
* Prices include a 60 minutes Nutrition Consultation 
* Test cannot be taken while pregnant
Personal Training 1:1 (60 minute sessions)

Individual Session:   £70

Kick Start Packages:         3 sessions - £195  (£65/session) (within 1 month)
                                             6 sessions - £390 (£65/session) (within 2 months)

Get Results Packages :  10 sessions - £625 (£62.50/session)   (within 3 months) 
                                           20 sessions - £1,200 (£60/session) (within 6 months)

Partner Training:              3 sessions -  £270  (£90/session)  (within 1 month)
                                             6 sessions -  £540  (£90/session)  (within 2 months)
                                           10 sessions - £800  (£80/session)  (within 3 months)

Direct Debit Options (3-month contract) 
4 sessions - in 4 weeks - £250 (£62.50/session)    
8 sessions - in 4 weeks -  £480 (£60/session)  
12 sessions - in 4 weeks - £690 (£57.50/session)  

4-Week Training Program Design 

Consultation and a one 1-hour training session that takes you through the 4-week program: £120

Food Diary Analysis and Nutrition consultation:

Individual Session: £65
The Aim of this consultation is to help you develop a good, healthy relationship with food and learn to control appetite so you can start losing weight or gaining weight from day one.
The hour-long consultation will help you: 
     Gain clarity on what and when you should be eating it,
     Understand how to stabilize blood sugar levels, 
     Highlight what the less tolerated foods are in our Western diet, 
     Discussing how can you make effective changes without changing your whole lifestyle
     How to deal with lack of food intake during long working hours 

We will together contract a diet plan for you at the end of the consultation.

Food Intolerance Testing and Nutrition Consultation
It is a simple finger prick test, with hardly any discomfort, done under a minute. Samples will be sent off to York Laboratory. After the results are back, every client will go through a one on one, Guided Nutrition Consultation with EXACT and INDIVIDUALISED suggestions what they should eliminate temporarily from their diet, what they can add in to their diet to make it more varied and enjoyable. 
Food Intolerance is a long existing condition with range of symptoms including but not limited to: 
      Weight Gain, Rapid Weight Loss, IBS, Bloating, Gases, Chronic Constipation  
      Asthma, Breathing Difficulties, Rhinitis                                       
      Migraine, Headaches                                                              
      Eczema, Acne, Psoriasis, other Skin Conditions                          
      Arthritis, Rheumatis
      Depression, ADHD, Panic Attacks, Dizziness, Disrupted sleep
      Lethargy, General Feeling of Malaise, Mood Swings         
Lorisian* 50 -  £139**       (50 food ingredients)
Lorisian* 75 -  £169**     (75 food ingredients)
Lorisian* 100 - £219**    (100 food ingredients)
Lorisian* 150+ - £289**    (150+ food ingredients)
* Best UK based laboratory diagnostic testing, with over 30 years of experience 
** Prices include a 60 minutes Nutrition Consultation 
12-Week Total Transformation Program with Food Intolerance Testing
‘Claim Your Life Back Package’      £2,260 
Gain Total Control and Focus in Health & Fitness to Transform Your Life for Good and Learn:

     How to EAT for weight loss and optimal energy based on your blood test results so you can clarify where your digestive problems might be coming from 
     How to TRAIN for FAT LOSS so you can be sure that your training has lasting fat burning effect  
     Know how to develop 10 SMART WEIGHT LOSS HABITS for home without much effort
     How to SHIFT YOUR MINDSET to overcome food and time related struggles  
     10 tips on how to have the BEST SLEEP at night so you can focus on what matters

 Added value:  Lorisian 100 Food Intolerance Test (£219, Test + Lorisian Nutrition Session)
                           36 Personal Training Sessions (£55/each)
   1 hour Lifestyle Consultation (£65/each)
   2 hours Food Shopping Trip and List of Food to buy (gratis)
   1 x 8 Health Pillars Educational Emails (gratis)
   1 x 3 Day Detox Plan (gratis)
For a Free Consultation or to inquire about the different packages please click here or call Judit.


Personal Training Hours:
Tuesday          8am – 12pm
Thursday        8am – 12pm

Friday             8am – 12pm

*Alternative times available upon requests but consultations take place in these hours.

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