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"I had been training with Judit on a weekly basis for several years before I became pregnant with my first child six years ago. Whilst I did find training more difficult during my pregnancy (he was huge!), Judit was able to adapt my exercises to suit both my increasing bulge and decreasing energy levels, so that I could keep up the weekly sessions until week 38. I found that exercising in a sensible and controlled fashion enabled me to stay fit and strong during pregnancy and I am sure that it reduced the length of time that it took me to return to my pre-pregnancy size/shape/fitness afterwards.

I resumed my weekly training sessions with Judit when my son was 12 weeks old, and she was able to whip me back into shape swiftly and, more importantly, safely. I do think that Judit's deep knowledge of human anatomy and physiology enables her to adapt her exercise routines to suit ante-natal and post-natal women very well, and that made me feel confident about training with a massive bump, and afterwards with a mild prolapse and an enormous gap between my abdominal muscles.

Judit kept me in shape again during my second pregnancy and enabled me to get my pre-pregnancy body back within six months of my second son being born. When my motivation and energy flagged Judit was always able to gee me up and get me going again. I would not hesitate to recommend Judit as an ante and post-natal trainer as she has a depth of knowledge, an interest in the subject and a degree of experience in this area, which is hard to rival. " - Bryony H -

“I decided to use Judit to get in shape for my wedding day. I was very impressed with Judit, she is extremely knowledgeable in terms of the body and diet. We discussed my fitness goals and my general health, fitness and diet routine. I felt Judit understood exactly what I was trying to achieve. The sessions were fun and challenging – they made me feel really good afterwards and each session I could see an improvement which was very motivating. Judit also sent me useful dietary and general health information. Not long after I started the programme with Judit, I developed an unusual condition in both my lower legs called Erythema Nodosom, which is a condition related to some infections, this meant I could not use the gym for a few weeks. Judit was great at researching the condition, ensuring she understood how it could affect my training. Again, Judit was fantastic at motivating me throughout this period whilst genuinely concerned with this condition and my recovery. By the time I got married, I was thrilled with the results. I am now newly pregnant but I am really looking forward to training with Judit again very soon! "- Antonia C -
“Up until 2006, I was very fit and healthy, playing football at a semi-professional level. Exercise was a heavy part of my life where I was actively attending a gym / working out around 5-7 days per week.
Unfortunately in early 2006 I had an incident with an extremely bad tackle which broke the bone in my ankle, plus also 3 ligaments. After going through the surgical procedure to fix the damage I was basically told I couldn’t actually play football anymore. The result was that I really stopped playing sport / exercising full stop. From being 13 stone and living very healthily my weight ballooned up to around 16 stone. I wasn’t doing any exercise, I started drinking more and became generally quite lazy. This affected not just my personal life but also my businesses.
The lack of focus and still continuous pain in my ankle meant I generally couldn’t be bothered.I knew something had to change I took the action in 2009 by doing 2 things. Firstly, I signed up for the London Marathon to give myself a big training goal. Secondly, I started working with Judit who in Stage 1, first 6 weeks, focused on developing my ankle strength - lots of rehabilitation work, strength, flexibility and taught me how to stretch properly. As a result, the first time in 3 years my ankle felt normal. After a further 8 weeks in Stage 2, I was really starting to see the results in fitness, strength and overall well-being. But it’s after Stage 3 when my 5K times went from 31 minutes to 21 minutes, 10k in 45 minutes from 1 hour 20 and pull-ups from 0 to 12-15 per set that I saw results.
I also finished the London Marathon and running the Paris marathon this year.”- Edwin A -

“I'd never had a personal trainer before and thought it was a bit of an unnecessary luxury that I couldn't really justify. I wasa child who never did PE classes, so I was nervous before my first session. I did a trial session with Judit and it is now a luxury I couldn't do without. The sessions are really varied and Judit keeps them interesting. She has helped me identify my goals and how to make them seem achievable. She gets just the right balance between being supportive and pushing you to achieve your best. I feel much fitter and if you told me I'd be boxing, lifting weights etc a few months ago I'd have laughed. Since I've started achieving this I feel like anything is possible. I still can't do a press up properly, but if anyone can help me achieve this it's Judit. Knowing that there is someone to give you advice, pick you up if you are slipping in your goals etc is incredible. I honestly can't recommend Judit highly enough. Give it a go and you won't regret it. - Catherine W -

“I find Judit’s dietary advice extremely sensible. She recognises not everyone lives for the gym and occasionally falls off the wagon but that's ok as long as it’s not too often and then she has a recovery plan. Also, I never realised until she told me, how much good healthy food is out there that is both healthy and filling and what's more tastes good! It took me a long time to learn the difference between having a good diet and being on a diet.”  - Paul L -

 “I have always liked exercising but having a busy personal life and a hectic routine at work which often involves travel, makes it difficult to put time, effort and structure to it. This is the reason why a while ago I decided to take up personal training, and it’s proven to be a success for me. Despite a chronic knee injury, that caused a Baker’s cyst to form behind my knee, and my constantly niggling lower back, I made sure that I didn’t lose my fighting spirit and didn’t give up training! We have worked on the problematic areas, we also made sure we deactivated overactive muscles with foam rolling, trigger point therapy, stretched and activated underactive muscles so my lower back problem has gone after a long while suffering with it. Having a great personal trainer who looks at cause and causatives and the whole picture did help my conditions! Judit has the energy and the knowledge that you need your trainer to have, but she will also push you that critical little bit further and has an infectious passion about exercise.” – Ola W-


“I have been competing in triathlons and duathlons for the last few years, and while I felt I had a good understanding of the various forms of aerobic training (interval training, tempo training and endurance training), I had found myself reaching a plateau in terms of the results I was achieving. I came to Judit looking to improve my flexibility, but had no idea how much the work we performed would help my overall conditioning and strength. We worked a lot on core strength and while I was never keen to put on weight/ muscle, especially over the 'racing season' Judit helped change my perspective of core strengh and lean muscle mass and how this would help improve performance. .The results were one of my strongest season, running faster than I had done for several years and being able to push harder on the bike and still being able to run strong off the bike on the last leg of a duathlon/ triathlon.” – Andrew H -

“In February 2014, after 4 months of going to and from the doctors for some strange skin condition on my face and neck, which had suddenly appeared out of the blue and what they decided to call ‘chronic uticaria’ or something (basically they had no idea) and thinking I was going to be on anti-histamines and special creams for the rest of my life, I decided enough was enough. Feeling sluggish and tired all the time, I came across Judit via a flyer. She saw me that next morning she popped me onto a detox for 2-3 days, I never do things by half so decided to do 4 days. It was pretty much all about Green Juice – anything green and I was juicing it. After 4 days of nothing but kale/spinach/celery/cucumber/ginger and an apple for taste, I had so much energy I didn’t know what to do with it. In fact it started becoming a bit annoying waking up at 6.30am wide awake on a Sunday – but you get used to it and use the time productively. I also started taking coconut oil at the same time, not only to increase my calorie intake but it is amazing at stopping any mid-morning sugar cravings and raising energy levels too. After the four day detox I was a bit scared to go back to solids, I feared I would go back to feeling sluggish and bloated, so I weaned myself back on a bit like a baby, very careful not to have any foods with refined sugar in it – bread/pasta/biscuits/sweets/pastries etc. Since then I now juice every morning before work (that’s my breakfast really – plus the coconut oil of course), normal lunch and in the evening a light supper with a green juice on the side. I naturally lost the remaining 4 kgs that I had in excess in about 5 weeks and it was so easy and my skin condition have cleared up in couple of weeks and I haven’t had a problem with it since.
I never thought I would see the day that I would get my boyfriend drinking kale and celery but he now does his at least once a day too, he has suffered from bad psoriasis for years, so whether it’s the sunshine, coconut oil or the green juice, it’s the best it has been for ages.
So an enormous ‘Thank you Judit’ for introducing me to the green stuff, oh and for being patient with me twice a week. ” – Georgie C -

“I had used a personal trainer before, but this time I was looking for something different. I wanted to move away from the boom and bust cycles which had characterised previous regimes (losing weight only to put it back on again) and find a more sustainable path of exercise and personal health with more prolonged results. With Judit I have found that path. Her approach is much broader in scope, mind and body are addressed and longer term in its goals. This means firstly, work is not limited solely to the gym.
I had had unbearable stomach issues to the extend that I just didn’t want to eat any more. I had consulted doctors and dieticians without much success just got the next pill to take every time. Following a blood test for food intolerances, which she arranged, I made some big changes to my diet and now feel great. This has led to bad habits being replaced with good ones without feeling like I am missing out on anything.
Longer term goals mean a much more enjoyable and sustainable pace of working out which in turn has meant my level of commitment remains undiminished. I can't tell you how good I am feeling about everything. Thank you Judit! ” – Christian E -

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